Michael was a co-founder and CEO of First General Services for over 30 years. He led the creation of the organization from scratch into a network of over 80 offices across North America. The management team assisted members through operational and business development programs that lead to effective business growth. Each individual firm grew in multiple ways from representation to the insurance industry. Michael sold his interest in First General Services to join the team creating North American Forensic Associates as he felt forensic professionals would benefit from being a part of an international network and he wanted to apply his skills to a new venture.

  • Our Commitment


    • To represent our members to prospective clients, while together growing their business profitably
    • To offering the best business management software, thereby enabling members to objectively prove and improve their performance.
    • To providing ongoing mentoring, training and networking opportunities that improves members professional and business management skills.
    • To expanding members’ range of services and ability to support others in times of need.
  • Our Mission

    • To create an international brand of claims specialists while enabling each member to maintain their unique identity
    •  To offer a superior software application that ensures accountability, consistency and scalability, enabling members to quantitatively prove they are top performers, thereby increasing profitability
  • Our Core Values

    • Integrity, transparency and quality through knowledge and leadership.
    • Dedication to excellence, through accountability, consistency and scalability.
    • Respect our members needs and their identity, through quality representation