NAFA’s Trackstar Software


NAFA’s cloud based software solution Trackstar, is custom tailored to your industry. The users’ performance is measured and they are held accountable to a strict set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).  Trackstar is the only software that standardizes the report forms and templates and allows clients to track each step of the investigation. Potential areas of delays in the insurance claim process are reduced, as subscribers are responsible to their timelines and targets.

Diary Worksheet

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.32.02 AM
The Diary Worksheet contains all the users open assignments, listed in order of priority. Information on the assignment type, the service being performed, the status of each assignment, the level of urgency and the target completion date are listed here.

 Benefits to the user

All tasks are automatically prioritized by level of urgency

Provides a list of services and any documents that must be uploaded to complete the task

 Benefits to the client

Able to monitor the status of the assignment on a real time basis

Will receive an immediate notification once a task is completed


Claims Tracker/ Service List

service list-page-001
The claims tracker/ service list is where you access assignments and relevant information. New files, time logs and expenses are also added here.

 Benefits to the user

Assignment information can be easily accessed

The claims tracker ensures that nothing is missed on an assignment

 Benefits to the client

Able to communicate with the user throughout the claim using the messaging functions

Delays in the claim process are reduced as the claims tracker ensures that no information is missed on the claim

 Report Card

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An ongoing report card for all assignments is automatically calculated and the users achievements are displayed for review.

 Benefits to the user

Able to monitor performance and identify top performers

Easily able to detect any areas requiring improvement

 Benefits to the client

The user is accountable to the timelines and commitments determined by the client

Able to track and compare the users' performance

 Invoicing and Pricing Schedule

invoice 1-page-001
The invoice menu displays financial information regarding all assignments. 
The work type menu displays the rates charged by the company.

 Benefits to the user

Customizable rates are established for each employee or level of service

 Benefits to the client

Accurate and comprehensive invoicing that captures all the time and expense of a file